uruk university کجاست


uruk university کجاست

جامعه اوروک
الإعلام الرسمی لِجامِعه أوروک
العنوان: بغداد/ الکراده/ شارع ۵۲

uruk university uruk university uruk university

About URUK


Creahing an outstanding aprogressive environment to become a leading Iraq and Arab University that drives economic and social development in the region and beyond.

• Quality and Excellence .
• Leadership and Teamwork .
• Freedom of Inquiry .
• Fairness and Integrity .
• Transparency .
• Lifelong Learning .


• Introducing and developing academic programmes and disciplines to keep up with the recent developments, and commensurate with the needs of the labor market.
• Enhancing students personal , practical , and academic skills.
• Adopting recent pedagogy to upgrading the teaching learning methodologies, making use of scientific and technological advancements.
• Creating a viable learning environment.
• Supporting and motivating scientific research in the University.
• Linking scientific research with the community needs.

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